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personal and organisational transformati

Personal & Organisational Transformations Through Action Inquiry
Fisher, Rooke & Torbert (2003 fourth edition)

Provides in-depth insight into the Leadership Development Framework, with exercises and case studies that enable the reader to pursue personal learning that marks a journey through these stages.

"What folly to think of developing the learning capabilities of organisations independent from the learning capabilities of the individuals within them. This book offers an exciting new view of the possible synergies between human and organizational development." Peter Senge, Director, Society for Organizational Learning.

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Action Inquiry The Secret of Timely & Transforming Leadership
Bill Torbert & Associates (2004)

ACTION INQUIRY not only introduces recent research on leaders who successfully transform themselves, their teams, and their organisations, but also offers specific practices that invite readers to try new combinations of action and inquiry in the midst of their own daily leadership opportunities. In addition to potentially being of direct interest to you, ACTION INQUIRY is a good book to read with co-workers.

"Action Inquiry offers a profound step toward a more integral and comprehensive approach to leadership - including not only what constitutes effective leadership, but field tested methods for transforming your own approach into more effective, successful, and truly inspiring leadership.”

Ken Wilber.

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Breaking The Leadership Mold
Rosie Steeves

Those at the top have a profound impact on the success of their organization. Effective and relevant senior leadership directly translates into an engaged, sustainable and profitable organisation. Conversely, leadership that is out-of-touch, externally focused and embedded in paradigms of days gone by leads to employee disengagement, poor morale and ultimately a lack of organisational competitiveness. Unfortunately, sometimes senior leadership is marked by good intent but ineffective practice. It needn’t be this way.

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Facilitating Transformation
Douglas O'Loughlin (2009)

Not only do "shifts happen", we can build our capacity to consistently facilitate fundamental changes in how people and organizations create the future to which they aspire. The 12 strategies contained in this book have emerged from more than 20 years of facilitating breakthroughs in thought and action around the world. 


This book shows you, in concrete and practical terms, how you can fertilize the soil, plant seeds, nurture growth, and witness the harvest of deep and lasting change. From the power of intentions to working across cultures, this book will help you make the difference between a good session and a transformational one.


Whether you facilitate workshops, teach classes, or coach and lead people, exploring this book will expand your capacity to do transformational work.


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The Salmon of Knowledge
Nick Owen (2009)

Salmon explores the disconnects and fragmentation in so much contemporary experience, exploring the question of what it means to be a fully integrated, fully functioning human being. 


"Salmon is an enticing read. Through story, Nick Owen engagingly sets out different perspectives on how we choose to live and how we might reach beyond our confines and experience more of ourselves. It reminds us that we can remain childlike in our delight in learning from mystery and lore."

Elaine Herdman-Barker, Harthill Associate.


Other books by Nick Owen: The Magic of Metaphor: 77 Stories for Teachers, Trainers & Thinkers (2001) and More Magic of Metaphor: Stories for Leaders, Influencers & Motivators (2004)

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The Star Qualities
Caroline Goyder (2009)

A-List stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Susan Sarandon, Kate Winslet, Bill Nighy, Frances McDormand, Helen Mirren, Gael Garcia Bernal and Ewan McGregor share their secrets in exclusive interviews with Caroline Goyder, who explains the methods behind their advice and shares her own tricks of the trade. With their help you can learn above all how to unlock the real you, embracing what makes you different and special. Real star quality is about trusting yourself. With this invaluable guide you will learn how to shine in any situation.

The Art of Mentoring
Jane Allen (2004)

The Art of Mentoring summarises the elements of mentoring - a practice that is paradoxically both complex and simple. This book unravels the complexity, providing a route map through the territory and assisting mentors in defining their own unique style.


The series ‘Revealing the Power of Mentoring’ provides a realistic and helpful approach for mentors and mentees alike who want to find out what mentoring is all about, why it is so popular and how to do it. The series is published by The Centre for Mentoring and Coaching.

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The Evolving Self
Robert Kegan

The Evolving Self focuses upon the most basic and universal of psychological problems - the individual's effort to make sense of experience, to make meaning of life. According to Robert Kegan, meaning-making is a lifelong activity that begins in earliest infancy and continues to evolve through a series of stages encompassing childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.


The Evolving Self describes this process of evolution in rich and human detail, concentrating especially on the internal experience of growth and transition, its costs and disruptions as well as its triumphs. At the heart of our meaning-making activity, the book suggests, is the drawing and redrawing of the distinction between self and other. Using Piagetian theory in a creative new way to make sense of how we make sense of ourselves, Kegan shows that each meaning-making stage is a new solution to the lifelong tension between the universal human yearning to be connected, attached, and included, on the one hand, and to be distinct, independent, and autonomous on the other. The Evolving Self is the story of our continuing negotiation of this tension.

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Transforming your Leadership Culture
John McGuire and Gary Rhodes

Praise for Transforming Your Leadership Culture "If you are a leader who has been burned by the failure of traditional change management - remember that program that cost millions and didn′t change a thing - this is the book for you. It provides a wholly new perspective for transforming leaders and your organization′s culture simultaneously, and rapidly."  Michael Beer, chairman, TruePoint, and professor emeritus, Harvard Business School. 


"It is becoming more and more obvious that a developmental view of the human being is the core of any effective human change process. Transforming Your Leadership Culture is the latest book—and one of the best books—about how and why this is so, and how to implement it in your own business. Highly recommended!"
Ken Wilber, founder, Integral Institute, and author of The Integral Vision and Integral Psychology

"I had hoped that creating a high–performance organization could happen swiftly with a few powerful speeches and actions. The challenging truth is that creating an interdependent spirit and culture demands perseverance. Indeed, this is what sets the committed few apart from the masses—and the results are extraordinary!"
Vance Tang, president and CEO, KONE Inc.

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Leadership Agility
Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs

Leadership Agility is the master competency needed for sustained success in today’s complex, fast–paced business environment. Richly illustrated with stories based on original research and decades of work with clients, this groundbreaking book identifies five levels that leaders move through in developing their agility. Significantly, only 10% have mastered the level of agility needed for consistent effectiveness in our turbulent era of global competition. Written in an engaging, down–to–earth style, this book not only provides a map that guides readers in identifying their current level of agility. It also provides practical advice and concrete examples that show managers and leadership development professionals how they can bring greater agility to the initiatives they take every day.

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Human Inquiry
Peter Reason and John Rowan

Sets forth a new paradigm for the philosophy and practice of research in fields of human activity: a collaborative, experimental approach in which inquiry is firmly rooted in subjects' experience of their lives. Covers the philosophy, methodology, practice and prospects of the new paradigm, showing how to do research with people rather than on people. Synthesizes material from researchers pursuing similar paths in Europe, North America, Africa and India as well as relevant reprints and appreciations of classical material.

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The Integral Vision
Ken Wilber

Suppose we took everything that all the various world cultures have to tell us about human potential - about psychological, spiritual, and social growth - and identified the basic patterns that connect these pieces of knowledge. What if we attempted to create an all-inclusive map that touches the most important factors from all of the world's great traditions?


Ken Wilber's Integral Vision provides such a map. Using all the known systems and models of human growth - from the ancient sages to the latest breakthroughs in cognitive science - it distills their major components into five simple elements, and, moreover, ones that readers can verify in their own experience right now.

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HBR's 10 Must Reads on Leadership
Harvard Business Review

If you read nothing else on leadership, read these definitive articles from Harvard Business Review.  Classic ideas, enduring advice, the best thinkers - all in one place.  Featuring Seven Transformations of Leadership by David Rooke and William R Torbert.

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