Your LDP Coaching Debrief

Congratulations! Having seen your profile you can now prepare for your Coaching Debrief.


An LDP Coaching Debrief is not like a standard psychometric debrief or ‘feedback session’. It is a developmental conversation, one-to-one, in which Developmental Inquiry gets going.


Your Coach will help you to synthesise the following key aspects of your development work: your current situation and challenges; your development journey; the LDF model; the unique data in your report; and your chosen development practices (tailored just for you). Together, these help to provide a shape and focus for the most relevant developmental endeavours.


Developmental inquiry weaves together these elements of history, preferences, profile, new perspectives and many evolving possibilities. The process will grow and evolve as you do.


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These are suggestions on how to prepare to get the most value from the conversation 

Preparing for your coaching debrief

Most people find it helpful to reflect on the following broad areas. We recommend you make your own notes before, during, and after the conversation:

  • Your life context – what do you see as the key milestones, influences and challenges in your development journey up to now, personally and professionally? 


  • LDF concepts and principles  – your grasp of the key terms that have been used: 

○ What questions or clarifications do you need on the key LDF concepts, particularly your Primary Action Logic and the wider spectrum of Action Logics?

○ Resonance – to what extent does the Primary Action Logic and other important Action Logics resonate with you and your experience?

○ What feelings, insights or realisations have been provoked? What do you make of them? 

  • Your LDP data – how do the Profile Graph and Primary Action Logic resonate with you? 

○ What resonates (or doesn’t) about your profile graph and Primary Action Logic?

○ How (if at all) do you see your main Action Logics active in everyday work/life?

○ How significant or relevant do your Earlier and Leading-Edge action logics seem?

○ Do you feel your meaning-making is stable and consolidating, or in more of a transitional process, or do you see both these things happening at the moment? 


  • Your selected Development Practices – which practices (e.g. those listed above) feel most relevant and useful for your Primary, Earlier, and Leading-Edge logics? How might you tailor them to your current needs, circumstances and preferences? 


  • Motivation – how curious are you to continue to develop your meaning-making? What level of stretch do you feel ready to sustain at this point in your life journey?


  • Anything else  – what other reflections and impressions have you noticed?

Note: Please read your report fully before you meet with your LDF coach

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