Harthill Partners

We have a number of mutually rewarding strategic partnerships both in the UK and worldwide. These organisations are leaders in their field: we bring them in to work alongside us and complement our own capabilities. An example of such a partnership can be found below:



MDV Consulting





Working together since September 2017, the Harthill and MDV Consulting alliance supports and accelerate the use of capacity building solutions for businesses seeking responses to complex and unpredictable environments by providing transformational people-solutions across the human resources life cycle.

MDV Consulting spearheads the practical implementation of vertical development concepts into company-wide talent systems, drawing upon extensive research and expertise that is being used to build the capacity of  people to create more sustainable and agile businesses.  The alliance builds on Harthill's unique perspective and international experience in developing leadership capability with MDV’s best in class talent consulting, leadership assessment and development solutions. The collective experience translates into a greater knowledge of what works to deliver transformational people results. Together we offer advice and expertise from start to finish; talent strategies, capability frameworks, leadership assessment and development, through to performance management and coaching.  Our combined network of international associates offers global solutions to an expanded breadth of HR specialisms, along with expertise in the field of vertical development. 

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