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LDF Authorisation Training Intensive


The LDF Authorisation Training Intensive

Many hundreds of development practitioners from all over the world have trained in, and continue to use, the Leadership Development Profile.  To become an authorised user, please see below for training dates.


Our LDF Workshops support those of you who are already authorised by deepening your knowledge and enhancing your practice using the LDP. 

LDF Authorisation Training Intensive - "a rich fusion of professional and personal development"

The workshop enables participants to be authorised to use the powerful Leadership Development Framework and profile to support the development of leaders by: 

  • developing an in-depth understanding of the Leadership Development Framework 


  • learning how to use the LDF as a powerful way of developing others 

  • learning how to use the Leadership Development Profile in coaching individuals


  • understanding better their own development 'frame' and agenda


  • working collaboratively with others in exploring the uses and ethical considerations of this framework.

Please click here for our Harthill Training brochure. 


For more background on becoming an Authorised User please click here​.

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"The LDF has opened my awareness on how I make sense of the world in a truly transformative way. My profile provided deep insight into my own leadership potential and the authorisation training helped me to easily translate the model and approach to others through my coaching and facilitation practice. Would recommend as a “must have” in the leadership toolbox.”

Sophi Bruce, Senior Specialist in Leadership Development, Institute of Public Policy, UTS Australia 


"This is a must do experience for anyone interested in developing themselves and others at a deeper, transformational level."  

Rebecca Stevens, Independent Coach, UK

10th - 12th March 2020

Now completed

The LDF Authorisation Training Intensive in Australia

Facilitators              Philip Hayton and Stephen Duns

Date                        10th - 12th March 2020

Venue                     CBD, Melbourne

Cost                        From $2050 + GST. Refer to brochure or contact Stephen for more details.

4th - 6th May 2020

This event has been moved to June, ONLINE

The LDF Authorisation Training Intensive in UK

Facilitators              Philip Hayton and David Rooke

Date                        We have moved this event to our Online Authorisation portfolio for 2020

Venue                     West Dean College, Chichester, UK

Cost                        Refer to brochure for details

This event will now run online in June 2020. Please see details below.

8th, 15th and 22nd June 2020

plus Intro and Review webinars.

A 100% online programme

The LDF Authorisation Training Intensive ONLINE

Facilitators              Philip Hayton and David Rooke

Dates (see below)  1st June (intro) - then 8th, 15th and 22nd June - ends 29th June (review)

Venue                     Online

Cost                        £995+VAT

This event is FULL and has a waiting list. Join the waiting list. See our brochure

Our online Authorisation Training Intensive offers all of the benefits of:
• Training in the convenience of your own home/office, with no added travel time or costs
• Your LDP Report and online 1:1 Coaching Debrief with our most experienced consultants
• Great teaching and learning about Constructivist Leadership Development – an exciting field growing hugely in influence and relevance in recent years 
• Becoming ‘Authorised’ to commission LDP Reports and to debrief them with your clients 
• Accessing a thriving and evolving global community of ‘development practitioners’, with regular updates, online webinars and one-day events 
• Invitation-only access to practitioner development programmes and advanced training.


This online programme was rigorously developed in 2018 and has been arranged to create a rich developmental environment and flow for participants. Materials are provided in advance to review and a short-day format over three consecutive weeks allows you to connect, discuss, and prepare conveniently and refreshed.  All participants receive a brand-new LDP training pack containing the latest thinking on the LDP Process and Coaching Debriefs. In addition to this, a pre- and post-programme webinar will let you ease into the process gently, make connections, and then follow up on the learning and translate the training into completing your Authorisation.

Facilitated by an outstanding team: Dr Philip Hayton and David Rooke have co-convened many LDF Authorisation Trainings and numerous other Harthill training events.

Dates & times (UK time zone): 
Pre-course webinar: 1st June 3-6pm (highly recommended but not a requirement)
Programme sessions*  8th, 15th and 22nd June 2:30-8pm

   *Full attendance is required, to receive your Authorisation
Follow-up webinar : 29th June 3-6pm (highly recommended but not a requirement)
Venue: the programme is delivered entirely online and all materials are e-documents.
Requirements: A good broadband connection, use of a PC/laptop, and Zoom software ( is essential for full participation in this programme.
Numbers:  space is limited
To book, please contact
Lynn at

2nd - 30th October 2020

Online LDF Authorisation in Kiev, Ukraine

Facilitators              Ana Nekrasova and Katya Novisova

Date                        2nd - 30th October 2020

Venue                     Kiev, Ukraine (this event will run online)

Cost                        Contact Anastasia for more details

This is first ever Authorisation Intensive in Ukraine, after several successful events in Russia since 2017. This programme is led by a highly experienced facilitator team: Anastasia Nekrasova, Director of Harthill for Northern and Eastern Europe, and Katya Novisova, Harthill's Lead in Russia.


It is a non-residential online event: 3 modules plus intro and review webinar. In Russian language.

2nd - 30th October 2020

Online LDF Authorisation in St Petersburg, Russia

Facilitators              Ana Nekrasova and Katya Novisova

Date                        2nd October - 30th October 2020

Venue                     St Petersburg (this event will run online)

Cost                        Contact Anastasia for more details

Our third LDF Authorisation Training Intensive in Russia, having visited St Petersburg and Moscow in 2017 and 2018, we are delighted to be back again this year for an Authorisation Training Intensive and our first ever Advanced Practitioner Training in Russia: Transforming Your Practice.


This programme is led by a well-established team: Anastasia, Director of Harthill for Northern and Eastern Europe, and Katya Novisova, Harthill's Lead for Russia. 


It is a non-residential online event: 3 modules plus intro and review webinar. In Russian language.

Dates TBC

Online LDF Authorisation in Melbourne, Australia

Facilitators              Dr Stephen Duns

Date                        November 2020 - dates TBC

Venue                     Melbourne CBD (this event might run online)

Cost                        Contact Stephen for more details

After a wonderful event in March 2020, we plan to run a second programme in Fall/Autumn. Please contact Stephen Duns, Director of Harthill Australasia, for more information and to book a place.

23rd - 25th November 2020

The LDF Authorisation in Ireland

Facilitators              Nial O'Reilly and colleagues

Date                        23rd - 25th November 2020

Venue                     Dublin 

Cost                        Refer to brochure or contact Lynn for more details.

Our first ever Authorisation Intensive event in Ireland, we will run this programme in residential or online format in November (dates tbc).  Please contact Lynn for more information and to book.

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