Supporting our community of coaches and consultants to work effectively with their clients using adult development approaches developed by Harthill.

LDF Workshops

LDF Workshops

Many hundreds of development practitioners from all over the world have trained in, and continue to use, the Leadership Development Profile, which is based on the Leadership Development Framework (LDF) – Harthill's unique approach to the development of leaders and their organisations. To get authorised to use the profile, see the LDF Authorisation Training Intensive page for training dates coming up soon.


Our LDF Workshops support practitioners who are already authorised, deepening your knowledge and enhancing your practice using the LDP instrument and the LDF approach. 


These workshops are for Authorised Users of the LDF.

To become an Authorised LDF User click here

Welcome to Harthill's 2020 full programme of online, one-day, residential, entry-level and advanced workshops for those using the Leadership Development Framework and Profile in their own development and in working to support development with individuals, communities, systems and society. 


The Covid-19 pandemic has altered our programme dramatically with many workshops now being offered online or postponed.  You can book any event online or request further information by email

Postponed until 11th January - 22nd February 2021 

Transforming Your Practice (TYP)

An Advanced LDF Practitioner Training Intensive

Facilitators         David Rooke and colleagues

Date                   Six half day workshops starting weekly 11th January

Venue                This event will now run 100% online

Cost                   £tbc

If you want to work at the deepest level with the LDF and the LDP, this workshop is for you. It is an intimate, deeply experiential and participatory learning space to deepen your work with the LDF and LDP’s perspectives profoundly.  The LDF is an approach, not just a powerful map and model. This workshop uses a sophisticated and fresh developmental framing which has important implications for your thinking, practice and development. It reframes much of what we ‘know’.  It is highly practice-focused, including two free profiles and significant levels of consultation input. 

“Harthill’s thinking and practice with the LDF has evolved more in the last eighteen months than in the previous eighteen years.” David Rooke, introducing TYP in November 2019

Our intent is to stretch you and your work and, secondly, to resource a growing cohort of advanced LDF practitioners working with the latest ideas and deep principles as coaches and consultants. Part of the work is with your own client material by recording a coaching debrief that you use during the training event. This great-value programme includes a free follow-up SCF for training use and a closed forum for ongoing practice development (with a further free profile).   


In light of COVID-19, TYP will now run 100% online - it will remain deeply experiential and participatory. Harthill has a long track record of immersive, transformative online training. 

We will also run an online Transforming Your Practice in Russian, in October 2020.

“Harthill are thought and practice leaders in deeply developmental work which at no other time in recent human history has been more needed. Their work provides a portal into fundamental shifts in consciousness”

Brian Woodall, True North Partnership, at TYP Nov 19 

Postponed - dates to be confirmed

The Strategist & Alchemist retreat-workshop

Facilitators         David Rooke and colleagues

Date                   Dates to be confirmed

Venue                To be confirmed

Cost                   £tbc

A culmination of Harthill’s recent exploration into the spectrum of meaning-making, this immersive retreat-workshop is a rare opportunity to foster late-stage inquiry and exploration in a group of likeminded fellow-travellers. The event has both a workshop and a retreat-like quality to it. 

With fellow LDF colleagues and friends, you will explore your own experience in relation to the development of Strategist meaning-making. Working interactively online, we will use pre-recorded interview material to inspire and stimulate your own inquiry into this form of late stage meaning-making and its ‘transformational intelligences’.

We will see how Alchemist meaning-making is developmentally relevant regardless of the shape of your overall meaning-making. In a gently immersive, highly participatory flow we will explore the multi-faceted and fascinating realms of late stage meaning-making and its transformational potential for you, relationships, clients, and the various systems we live in and contend with.   

Our retreat focus is self-development and practice. Later stage meaning-making can be a turbulent experience as radical emergence which requires that we do our own work; not just support others.  It means that we grow more adept at seeing our process and working with it in potentially unfamiliar ways. In a supportive space, you will gently and intently work with your material (personal and professional) in a rich environment of real and respectful perspectives. Together, we use a rounded and grounded felt-sense of late stage development, always linked to everyday reality, life and work (it might surprise you how relevant it is to daily life).


This is the sixth Strategist or Alchemist event Harthill has run since 2018 – this work is evolving.  These are among our favourite events and always a lively journey for the whole group.  


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