Supporting our community of coaches and consultants to work effectively with their clients using adult development approaches developed by Harthill.

LDF Workshops

LDF Workshops

Many hundreds of development practitioners from all over the world have trained in, and continue to use, the Leadership Development Profile, which is based on the Leadership Development Framework (LDF) – Harthill's unique approach to the development of leaders and their organisations. To get authorised to use the profile, see the LDF Authorisation Training Intensive page for training dates coming up soon.


Our LDF Workshops support practitioners who are already authorised, deepening your knowledge and enhancing your practice using the LDP instrument and the LDF approach. 


These workshops are for Authorised Users of the LDF.

To become an Authorised LDF User click here

Welcome to Harthill's 2020 full programme of online, one-day, residential, entry-level and advanced workshops and events!  We are further extending our online training to support LDF Practitioners who are based worldwide. The Covid-19 pandemic makes the online channel more relevant and pragmatic than ever. Harthill’s work is offered in service to those working with the Leadership Development Framework and Profile for your own development and your work to help develop the capacity of individuals, communities, systems and society to lead well and thrive in evermore complex times. You will see that, in 2020, we will follow an arc across the entire LDF spectrum of Action Logics and the full range of thinking and practice from entry-level to the latest, most advanced developments. You can book any event either online or by email.



A FREE 4-part webinar series

Alchemy in Adversity 

An online programme to support and inspire

Facilitators         Dr Philip Hayton

Time & Date      11-12:15pm – 23rd March, 30th March, 6th April, 20th April

Venue                Online

Cost                   FREE (and bring a guest)

An 'Action Logic'-light series in which we explore the many pragmatic and multi-dimensional realities of transformational development in contexts of adversity. Each interactive session will be partly sharing information and partly a facilitated forum for connection, contact and inspiration.

See flyer for more information.

To reserve your place, please book now.

Jan/Feb - recordings available

LDF Essentials Series One 

The latest LDF theory and practice

Facilitators         Philip Hayton

Date                   Jan/Feb-recordings available

Venue                Online

Cost                   £135+VAT

The latest LDF theory and practice offers a high-level overview of all that is new in our thinking and practice with the LDF.


Session One: the latest update on the LDF model and approach and the new LDP Report which presents the LDP data in a fresh way and provides more guidance on how to use it in practice.
Session Two: the latest principles to help you prepare well for an LDP Coaching Debrief, including a useful framework for interpreting a Sentence Completion Form and guidance on setting up the Coaching Debrief.
Session Three: enhancing your Coaching Debrief practice and process by making use of the newest thinking about how to bring the LDF theory to life, both with and for your LDF clients.


Sessions are 90 minutes each and facilitated by Philip Hayton.  Our Essentials events get outstanding feedback and ensure that you have access to the most recent ideas and the best resources for yourself and your practice.  Order your recording by email.  

14th, 21st, 28th February and

6th March, 3-5:30pm

LDF Essentials Series Two 

Expert, Achiever and Individualist

Facilitators         Philip Hayton

Date                   14th, 21st, 28th February and 6th March, 3-5:30pm

Venue                 Online

Cost                    £295+VAT

This series is an opportunity to explore and deepen your understanding of the Expert, Achiever, and Individualist Primary Action Logics.  There will be time for Q&A, clarification and discussion.

Session One - Expert - what makes it a breakthrough Action Logic? Expert forms the basis of meaning-making for leadership and its development. In this session we explore why and its relevance for each transformation in meaning-making that follows.
Session Two - Achiever - what makes it the pinnacle of normal adult development? We will continue to build a truly rounded perception of this often-misunderstood Action Logic. 
Session Three - Individualist - what makes it the engine of post-conventional logics? The transition to Individualist as the Primary Action Logic is profound. We discuss its dimensions. 
Session Four - Review and Integration

Sessions are on Fridays 14th, 21st, 28th February and 6th March at 3pm (UK) for 2.5 hours and facilitated by Philip Hayton.  A good broadband connection, use of a PC/laptop, and Zoom software ( is required for full participation in the webinars. Sessions will be audio-recorded for you to watch at your convenience, but participation is warmly encouraged for a rich discussion.   

Our Essentials events get outstanding feedback and ensure that you have access to the most recent ideas and the best resources for yourself and your practice.  

27th April, 10:30am-5:30pm

What is Developmental Inquiry?

Facilitators         Philip Hayton and Simon Lovegrove

Date                   27th April, 10:30am-5:30pm

Venue                Online

Cost                   £195 +VAT

In this highly participative one-day workshop, we will explore what Developmental Inquiry is, and why it matters for your work with clients and for your own development.  We will dive into what makes it unique to each person and how we can help our clients use it.  Together we will look at how clients find and work with their most developmental edges and how to create and refine leadership development practices.

Making use of client and/or participant Sentence Completion Forms and Profile Reports in the workshop, we will explore how to work with both conventional and later-stage forms of meaning-making – a specialist field Harthill has helped to pioneer for two decades. Participants in the programme receive a half-price LDP profile to use prior to this programme (details below) to so that you can work with fresh experiential learning material during the online breakout sessions. 


What you will gain by attending on the 27th April:  

  • A half-price LDP Profile* to use with the programme (SCF to be received by 30th March)

  • Experience of working with a variety of personal and client materials

  • Meet and re-connect with experienced LDF practitioners

  • Opportunity to enhance your work and how you move from potential to practice

  • Deepen your understanding of advanced adult development

* How this works: Your client must send in the completed SCF by 31st March. Using their LDP report, you debrief them before the workshop begins. You may wish to direct them to the short pre video on our new web page to help a client prepare: (see also p. 11 of LDP Report). Bring your thoughts and reflections on the coaching debrief – especially Developmental Inquiry – to the event. You can discuss with others in the group.

 "Harthill is taking adult development to another level, with Developmental Inquiry as an approach to exploring how we can be more effective and impactful in our lives." 

Doug O'Loughlan, Senior Principal Consultant, Civil Service Institute of Leadership, Singapore

This workshop is probably the most important Harthill LDF event in the first half of 2020. Developmental Inquiry is at the heart of the whole LDP Process and the LDF in practice. It is also a great introduction to our two advanced programmes in September (three-day Transforming Your Practice and two-day Alchemist Workshop), if you wish to take your learning further.

15th May 2:45-6:45pm and 22nd May, 1-5pm

The Strategist online

Facilitators         Philip Hayton and Simon Lovegrove

Date                  15th May 2:45-6:45pm and 22nd May, 1-5pm

Venue                Online

Cost                   £195+VAT

We are excited to offer an online format of the Strategist workshop that ran so successfully in London in June 2019.  Join an exploration of Strategist capabilities and how to practically support and develop them.  With fellow LDF colleagues and friends, discuss your own experiences and questions in relation to the development of Strategist capacities and capabilities. Working interactively online, we will use pre-recorded interview material to discuss and explore this Action Logic and its ‘transformational intelligences’. Join us for some serious play with the capacities, capabilities and deep intelligences that inform and empower late stage development in ourselves, others and systems.  

5th June, 9:30am-4:30pm

How organisations are developing later-stage capabilities in their leaders

Facilitators         Philip Hayton and David Rooke

Date                   5th June, 9:30am-4:30pm

Venue                CCPE, London (TBC - this event may run online)

Cost                   £195+VAT

Building on a successful day in June 2019 when we explored how organisations develop late stage capabilities in their leaders, and heard from three extraordinary practitioners from both sides of the Atlantic, we will return to this territory with new examples of pioneering practice. Participants of the workshop found it ‘hope-inspiring’ to see how change occurs in organisations and leadership when taking a developmentally- informed approach.  We will learn how to work with the challenges of vertical development inside large organisational systems and leadership cultures in service to personal and organisational transformation.  

19th June, 8-11:30am

The Alchemist online

Facilitators         Philip Hayton 

Date                  19th June, 8-11:30am

Venue                Online

Cost                   £120+VAT

The webinar is grounded in our experience of three residential Alchemist events in recent years. It introduces late-stage meaning-making from the evolving perspective of the LDF. We will explore  alchemical forms of meaning-making - what exactly does it mean?  What is it like to ‘profile’ here? There will also be a live interview with a late-stage pioneer in our field of adult development.  


The Alchemist action logic sometimes thwarts conventional sense-making, so where does it leave us? Well, certainly, this form of meaning-making has implications for development no matter who we are. In this online workshop, you will be able to:
Explore your own and others’ experience of late stage and alchemical meaning-making in your life, work and relationships. Unpack some of the myths and clichés about how Alchemist ‘shows up’ (for example, is it necessarily spiritual or ‘enlightened’?) Get a better sense of the internal processes that inform meaning making when people profile at this Action Logic
Explore new perspectives on your own development, and practices to support it.

3rd, 10th and 17th July,


LDF Essentials Series Three - How to listen for meaning-making

Facilitators         Philip Hayton 

Date                   3rd, 10th and 17th July, 3-5:30pm

Venue                Online

Cost                   £225+VAT

This third series focuses on your capability to ‘listen for meaning-making’, in the moment. This requires a good grasp of LDF principles and at the same time an openness to think outside of your boxes and get closer to the unique individual as they construct meaning in front of you in a debrief.  Having the LDP data at your fingertips as you do this is profoundly helpful and informative. This will be a fascinating journey that is likely to deepen immensely your debriefing and coaching practice - indeed, it can enhance your attunement to meaning-making in many situations.   


Sessions are on Fridays 3rd, 10th and 17th July at 3pm (UK) for 2.5 hours and facilitated by Dr Philip Hayton.  A good broadband connection, use of a PC/laptop, and Zoom software ( is required for full participation in the webinars. Each session allows ample time for Q&A.  Sessions will be audio-recorded for you to watch at your convenience, but participation is warmly encouraged for a rich discussion.

Our Essentials events get outstanding feedback and ensure that you have access to the most recent ideas and the best resources for yourself and your practice. 

17th - 19th September,


Transforming Your Practice (TYP)

Facilitators         Philip Hayton and David Rooke 

Date                  17th - 19th September, 9am-5pm

Venue                Barcelona (TBC - this programme venue may change)

Cost                   £995+VAT

If you want to work at the deepest level with the LDF and the LDP, this workshop is the one for you. Its intimate, deeply experiential and participatory learning space will deepen your work with the LDF and LDP’s perspectives and depths profoundly.  The LDF is an approach, not just a powerful map and model. This workshop uses a sophisticated and fresh developmental framing which has important implications for your thinking, practice and development. It reframes much of what we ‘know’.   

“Harthill’s thinking and practice with the LDF has evolved more in the last eighteen months than in the previous eighteen years.” David Rooke, introducing TYP November 2019

Our intent is to stretch you and your work and, secondly, to resource a growing cohort of advanced LDF practitioners working with the latest ideas and deep principles. Part of the work is with your own client material by recording a coaching debrief that you use during the training event. This great-value programme includes a free follow-up SCF for training use and a closed forum for ongoing practice development.   


We are hosted at a unique day-venue, a beautiful location 45-mins south of Barcelona by car or train with ample parking, lovely walks and views, and wonderful energy. Book online early to reserve your space or to register your interest. This event dovetails with a second deeply developmental workshop - the Alchemist retreat (see below). We will also be running a TYP event in St Petersburg, Russia (in Russian) 17-19 October.

“Harthill are thought and practice leaders in deeply developmental work which at no other time in recent human history has been more needed. Their work provides a portal into fundamental shifts in consciousness”

Brian Woodall, True North Partnership, at TYP Nov 19 

21st and 22nd September, 9am-5pm

The Alchemist retreat

Facilitators         Philip Hayton and David Rooke

Date                   21st and 22nd September, 9am-5pm

Venue                Barcelona (TBC - this programme venue may change)

Cost                   £675+VAT

A culmination of Harthill’s recent exploration into the spectrum of meaning-making, this 2-day Alchemist workshop-retreat is a rare opportunity to foster late-stage inquiry and exploration in a group of likeminded fellow-travellers. With others, you will discover how the Alchemist Action Logic is developmentally relevant regardless of the shape of your particular profile of Action Logics. This gently immersive, participatory one-day workshop will explore the fascinating realm of Alchemist meaning-making and its transformational potential for you and your clients.   


Our focus will be on self-development and practice. Later stage meaning-making can be a turbulent experience as radical emergence requires that we do our own work, not just support others.  It means that we grow more adept at seeing our process and working with it in potentially unfamiliar ways. In a supportive space, you will gently and intently work with your material (personal and professional) in a rich environment of real and respectful perspective-sharing co-produced by all present. Together, we find a rounded and grounded felt-sense of late stage development, always linked to everyday life and work.  It might surprise you how relevant it is to your everyday life. This workshop is the fourth two-day Alchemist event Harthill has run in the past two years and the work continues to evolve.  It is one of our favourite events and always a fascinating journey for individuals and the whole group.

Fee excludes accommodation, but includes refreshments and lunch.  

30th October, 13th, 20th, 27th November and

4th December, 8-11:30am

LDF Essentials Series Four - A deep dive into the LDF spectrum

Facilitators         Philip Hayton

Date                   30th October, 13th, 20th, 27th November and 4th December, 8-11:30am

Venue                Online

Cost                   £450+VAT

Using LDF principles, we will dive deeply into the lifelong evolution of meaning-making.  Join an intimate and fascinating journey into the evolution of meaning and how we conspire to construct it.  Meaning-making is a top-level or ‘apex’ faculty influencing a person’s relationship to their reality and thus how they interpret and respond to theories, people, circumstances and events in their inner and outer worlds.  Adult constructivist development works at the intersection of deep psychology and organisational life. This workshop will help to demystify and simplify the ways meaning-making transforms, drawing on Philip Hayton’s 20 year career as a leading clinician, coach, researcher, educator and development specialist.   


Sessions are on Fridays 30th October, 13th, 20th, 27th November and 4th December at 8am (UK) for 3.5 hours and facilitated by Dr Philip Hayton.  A good broadband connection, use of a PC/laptop, and Zoom software ( is required for full participation in the webinars. Each session allows ample time for Q&A.  Sessions will be audio-recorded for you to watch at your convenience, but participation is warmly encouraged for a rich discussion.

Our Essentials events get outstanding feedback and ensure that you have access to the most recent ideas and the best resources for yourself and your practice.  


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