Using the Leadership Development Profile

The original ‘meaning-making’ psychometric process for leaders and organisations

What is unique about the Leadership Development Profile? 

Many psychometrics try to define fixed personality characteristics or behaviours, and this can feel like being given a label, put in some kind of box – a diagnostic process.

The LDP is different – it is a unique developmental process.

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How does the LDP support my development? 


The LDP is a process: a report; a coaching debrief; and ongoing development activity.


First, this process identifies which of nine overarching forms of meaning-making are currently most active for you. With a skilled LDF coach, you will explore this and the possible reasons why they are active – usually both internal and external influences.


In development work of any kind, it is important to ‘start where you are’.

The LDP helps you to find where usually invisible ‘meaning-making structures’ are active, right now. Equipped with this detailed dataset and a robust framework, you and your LDF coach will discuss your experiences and discover how to extend your developmental potential. 

It forms the basis of a potentially transformational process of Developmental Inquiry.

At the very least, the process will be informative. At best it can become transformative.

What is Developmental Inquiry?


A way to intentionally further develop your meaning-making in everyday life.

The LDP Process is a personal and professional introduction to Developmental Inquiry, to help you grow through your current interests and challenges as a leader and person.

To these interests and challenges, the LDP brings a framework for understanding, a unique individual dataset about you in your current context; and Development Practices to choose from – all resulting in practical avenues for further leadership development.


Together with a skilled LDF coach, the four ingredients of developmental inquiry initiate a process that can evolve as you do and will adapt to your needs as they transform. 


Developmental Inquiry is the ideal way to further develop your meaning-making.

Become an Authorised Practitioner

To use the LDP for yourself and in your practice visit our Practitioner Information page Practitioner Authorisation 

"The LDF is an excellent and very practical model in support of the vertical development of individuals, teams, and organisations. For over a decade I have experienced it as a highly effective framework for people to increasingly deal with higher level complexities."

Stefan Bauer, Transformation and Strategy Leader, Germany, Austria & Switzerland,

Eli Lilly and Company

"Every OD consultant, coach and facilitator would benefit hugely from this experience and understanding. Why wouldn’t you want to better understand your clients through a meaning making lens?" 

Jean Crawford, Executive Coach

“For me using LDP has offered both my clients and myself space and context in which they can let in some new light to help illuminate their lived dilemmas, and also look outwards to more clearly view some potentially challenging opportunities & possibilities.”

Ian Mitchell, Partner, Eighty20 Focus 

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