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​A very warm welcome to the LDP profiling process.  There are three steps in using the Leadership Development Profile for development.


(1) Fill out an LDP form     (2) Read your LDP Report    (3) Have your LDP Debrief 

The Leadership Development Profile is a renowned leadership development resource. It is based on a pioneering developmental model, the Leadership Development Framework.  The LDP is used in 40+ countries, in several languages, and in hundreds of teams and organisations. ​More than 10,000 leaders, managers, development professionals, consultants and coaches over three decades, in a diversity of cultures have used the LDP to support their development and leadership. 

The LDP is a premier meaning-making assessment for leaders and is a highly-validated instrument.  It uses one of the most extensively researched psychometric technologies available.  Academics and practitioners rigorously maintain the highest level of internal and external validity.

An analysis of your responses in completing the 32 unfinished stems in the LDP Form enables a Profile to be drawn up which gives insight into the meaning-making behind your actions, and so enables the main 'Action Logics' of your work and life to be identified.  This unique analysis will be presented to you in a bespoke Leadership Development Profile Report.

The LDP Report is not available without an LDP Debrief - LDP Debriefs are carried out by Harthill LDP-trained and experienced coaches and consultants.  If you are not currently engaged with a LDP trained consultant, Harthill can assign you one for your LDP Debrief at the following costs:


Option A: Your own LDP Report with online LDP Debrief - £585+VAT

Option B: Your own LDP Report with in-person LDP Debrief - £875+VAT

Option C: Your own LDP Report with LDP Debrief plus developmental coaching - price on application

Please complete the LDP Form and Harthill will respond to your request.


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The LDP for groups or teams is available - to discuss rates and options, contact us.

"I spend much of my time working alongside leaders on their growth journeys, so I was intrigued to turn the mirror on myself. I can honestly say after having undertaken the LDP, this was a transformational moment in itself. It has given me a new language and frame within which to understand my own development and life journey. "

Dr Amy Bradley, Author and Faculty Member

Ashridge Executive Education at Hult International Business School, UK

"I was amazed by the accuracy and insights in the LDP report. How could someone have understood these things about me simply from my sentence completions? The comments helped me understand an aspect of my professional relationships that had long puzzled me; they also pointed me in the direction of how to improve matters. Later, the LDF enabled me to customise my teaching of 'systems thinking' to audiences at different stages. As a result, I noticed a significant improvement in my effectiveness." 

Professor Jake Chapman
Systems Tutor & Entrepreneur

“Understanding how people make meaning was a turning point for me in understanding how I can relate to others on a different level. I have a newfound appreciation for my Action Logic, an inkling that I’ve stepped forward on my own developmental journey and I know that the different perspective taking will add value to my effectiveness as an individual and my ability to get better outcomes with the work I do.”

Amy Newnham, Organisational Development Business Partner
Adur District & Worthing Borough Councils 

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