Practitioner Authorisation

Learn how to use the LDP in your practice

Are you here as a leader, manager or development specialist? Learn how to use the LDP for yourself, your clients, leaders and organisations.

Leaders and Managers using the LDP 

At Harthill, we believe that transformational leaders can help to change the world one person, one team, and one organisation at a time - realising potential everywhere. 


If you think we could help you, your team or organisation, please contact us to discuss. For two decades, Harthill has helped thousands of leaders and managers in hundreds of companies. We will be delighted to explore how we might support your organisation. 


Our approach to leadership and organisational development includes and extends beyond, the use of the leadership development profile. Read our client stories here.

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Become an LDF Practitioner

Each year, hundreds of development professionals attend a 3-day intensive practitioner programme or attend a follow-up CPD events open to all LDF practitioners worldwide. 


Accreditation in the LDP enables you to:

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Testimonials about our flagship Practitioner Training programmes

Becoming professionally accredited in the LDP is a great way to deepen your practice.

Many participants find the training process transformational; and not only professionally. 

“Come with an open mind. This programme and the profile are about you as well as your work. The facilitators, the venue and the content will allow you to explore and sharpen your senses if you choose to as well as get a practical insight in a powerful model for leadership. I strongly recommend it.” 

Mylène Baxter, Group Communications & Development Director 
RES Group 

“Quite unexpectedly I found the course profoundly moving in two senses - moving as an emotional, intense, intimate experience, and moving in terms of being transformational.”

Dr John Derry, Senior NHS Advisor

“The LDF Authorisation Training Intensive isn’t a course, exactly. Nor is it merely a process by which you become a legitimate user of a learning tool. Either or both of these would have been enough, and if they are what you are seeking, you can be sure you will get them. I am very glad that we were offered so much more too, though. These three days bring the framework alive. Whatever openness you bring to engaging with your own meaning-making is magnified, and cracked open, and bounced high into wide open space. Superb facilitators, a gorgeous and learning-conducive venue, and freedom to engage exactly as you want and need to, make this a truly rich event.”

Sarah Broscombe, Learning & Development Consultant

“The material covered has enhanced everything I’m offering personally and professionally – a whole new level of insight has been integrated that is empowering for me and those I work with.”

Barbara Murray, Independent Consultant, Barcelona

Skilfully facilitated, comprehensive  and thought provoking, I would fully recommend this course.

Dr Andrew Rogers, Consultant Clinical & Forensic Psychologist & Co-Director 
Changing Minds Ltd

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