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Transformational Coaching


Transformational Coaching

Harthill brings a developmental approach to coaching, leadership and organisational transformation. We support organisations with developing strategic and systemic capabilities and use action inquiry to fuel transformational change. Each of our engagements is designed around the unique context of the organisation and its human systems to deliver lasting impact.

Harthill offers transformational coaching to experienced leaders providing the opportunity to make a game changing step in extending their wisdom and capability.

As part of their development curve, leaders sometimes reach points where existing patterns and assumptions are ready to give way to new and wiser ways of leading. This point may be infused with excitement or dominated by a feeling of wanting to break out but not knowing how to.  In either case our transformational coaching provides a path. Transformational coaching includes and moves beyond performance coaching in crucial ways. Essential to transformational coaching is the encouragement to pause, step back and assess one’s beliefs, assumptions and patterns of thought. To explore where current constraint and new possibility exist.

All Harthill’s coaches are qualified to use the Leadership Development Profile

Coaching Leadership Teams

Developing collective leadership wisdom takes time. Whilst there are few quick fixes in team transformation, Harthill has worked with many teams to support their development and performance.  In most cases individual coaching and team coaching are integrated to achieve sustainable changes.

  • With Aviva working with the senior leadership teams we helped contribute to a rise in profits during a five year period from £296M to £832M.

  • In the environmental SME Sustain UK, we supported the development of a new leadership structure, enabling the organisation to move on successfully from the original founders and achieve a significant rise in turnover.

  • In a major insurance company, we supported the development of an innovative customer-centric strategy - 'Love the Customer'. During our work with the leadership team, profitability exceeded analysts’ expectations every year for three years including final year growth in profit before tax of 13%.

  • During the five years we have been working with the leadership team at Wiltshire Probation, it became the first ‘4 Green Star’ performing area in the country, the first small area to achieve ‘Trust’ status, and achieved excellent scores in public protection practice.

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