“The mind stretched by new ideas never returns to its original shape."

Ralph Emerson

The Leadership Development Profile

The Leadership Development Profile (LDP) has been used for twenty years with leaders, teams, and organisations as part of an approach to supporting development. It is based on a renowned developmental model called the Leadership Development Framework.

The LDP is the original psychometric instrument for understanding and developing your meaning-making for leadership. Backed by five decades of international research, it is more than just another psychometric ‘tool’.

Why use the LDP?


To see and further develop your meaning-making capacities and capabilities

Every ‘thing’ a human being does, especially when it is done intentionally, is influenced and shaped by the way they make sense of it and its context. For this simple and powerful reason, better understanding their own meaning-making can be transformational for what they do and how they learn and develop. 

The LDP is a process to help leaders see how they make sense of their world. People interpret their everyday experiences using deep but identifiable structural tendencies.

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What does the LDP focus on?


Meaning-making patterns and their role in leadership and wider life

If meaning-making is involved in everything people do, it is especially important when we work into complex circumstances. Leadership and development are both ‘complex’ challenges and the LDP reveals what may best support people in both these arenas.


How does the LDP support my Leadership?


The LDP promotes a transformation in self-awareness and leadership development.


Being aware of meaning-making patterns and resources creates an opportunity for new kinds of reflection and growth for a leader, in everyday life and work. Seeing how you interpret events and your world reveals how others do the same (differently!). 


Meaning-making operates at many layers in you. To develop it further, you need high-quality data, a framework, and ways to work with it in everyday life. Those resources are precisely what the Leadership Development Profile is designed to offer.

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The LDP Process

There are three steps in using the Leadership Development Profile for development.


(1) Fill out a form     (2) Read your LDP report    (3) Your Coaching Debrief 

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What can I expect from the LDP Process? 


The LDP Process is a development exercise, not simply boxes to tick and a computer generated report. Highly skilled human beings analyse your data, moderated and supervised by experienced psychologists. You will get more from the LDP process if you give it your full attention, so offer your development the time it really deserves. 


Using your data, the LDP report will indicate key patterns and structures in your meaning-making. It will introduce the LDF framework and new terminology so you’re equipped to begin a well-informed journey in meaning-making.

After reading your report, you have a 75-minute one-to-one coaching debrief with a skilled LDF coach, to explore your current challenges and roles. Together, you will shine new light on these to reveal current but untapped development opportunities. 

With your coach, you will also identify development practices tailored specifically to you. Understanding what they are and how to weave them into everyday life is key.

This combination of your own experience, a robust framework, your own LDP data, and tailored developmental practices is the bedrock of Developmental Inquiry - a way to continue developing your meaning-making over the short, medium and long term.


The LDP profiling process has been used by 10,000 leaders worldwide, supporting them to bring simple transformational processes intentionally into their life and work. 

"The LDF is an exceptional doorway to transformational leadership. Every company, every leader who wants to develop and make an impact in the future, can benefit from the LDF profiling." 
Agneta Dieden, Partner

Oxford Leadership

'"Harthill is taking adult development to another level, with developmental inquiry as an approach to

exploring how we can be more effective and impactful in our lives."

Doug O’Loughlin, Senior Principal Consultant

Civil Service Institute of Leadership, Organisational Development, Singapore

"Harthill is creating a meaningful, accessible and essential conversation around the role of adult

development in organisational leadership."

William Robinson, Partner

Robinson Simon Associates

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