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David Rooke




David Rooke BA (Hons) MA

David co-founded Harthill Consulting in 1985. Since that time he has been working to develop ever more wise and capable leadership within organisations. Inquiry lies at the heart of his work - he believes as contexts and people change, what is useful can only be understood and improved through explorations that move fluidly between the personal, the relational and the systemic. Leadership certainly comes from within, and its impact should be systemic.

He is highly regarded for his work, with others, in developing and applying the Leadership Development Framework to leadership and organisational transformations. David has published several books including Personal and Organisational Transformations and has co-written the award winning Seven Transformations of Leadership article for Harvard Business Review. This article is included in HBR's '10 Must Reads' on leadership.

With Harthill, he has worked with leaders from organisations such as Fujitsu, Danone, Shell, Hewlett Packard, Volvo,  Eli Lilly and Microsoft.  Before founding Harthill, he worked at Bristol Business School.  David holds a degree in Politics and History (Kent University) and an M.A. in Management Learning (Lancaster University). 

Nial O'Reilly



Nial O'Reilly  MSc

Nial has worked as a consultant and executive coach for 13 years, including one-to-one executive coaching, leadership development coaching, team coaching and business strategy development facilitation.  Having worked in senior leadership and executive positions himself in a 25-year corporate career previously, Nial has the ability to establish credibility and trust at executive level very quickly.  He works with clients in the UK and Ireland across many diverse sectors including retail, banking, engineering, medical device and technology.  He also authored and teaches a module on Vertical Leadership Development for the Executive MBA programme at the National University of Ireland Galway and provides Personal Leadership and Team Development Coaching to the Bioinnovate Ireland programme.

Nial holds an MSc in Executive and Business Coaching from the Smurfit Business School at University College Dublin. Nial's passion is the facilitation of potential in people and teams. Taking a person-centred, constructivist-developmental approach shaped by his Gestalt based training, his work is devoted to supporting people to enhance their performance through improved self-awareness, emotional intelligence and development. He has worked with Robert Kegan training in the ‘Immunity to Change’ framework which he uses extensively in his coaching work and has a keen interest in Adult Development theory and the work of Rooke, Torbert, Kegan and Lahey, Jennifer Garvey-Berger, Fredric Laloux and others.  Nial is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a member of the Division of Work and Organisational Psychology of the Psychological Society of Ireland.  

Simon Lovegrove



Simon Lovegrove MSc NLP Master

Simon is an experienced consultant, executive coach, change leader, and facilitator. He brings intention and deep creative energy to his work and blends this with strategic and business understanding to support his clients’ own development and their commercial ambitions. His work with organisations focuses on developing the emotional and strategic competence of leaders and their teams, and through this, developing organisation wide capability for change and collaboration.

Over 20 years, he has worked in several industries focusing on pharmaceutical as well as consumer brands, and utilities. He is familiar with the challenges for global organisations having consulted in every continent and in emerging markets. His previous experience includes consulting in strategy, entrepreneurial/high growth companies and the Army.

Anastasia Nekrasova


Sweden & Russia


Anastasia Nekrasova MSc MBA

Anastasia is a Harthill director responsible for the development of the LDF/LDP; she is also an experienced Harthill rater. She has developed a Russian version of the Leadership Development Profile and is working with Harthill in Northern and Eastern Europe, facilitating authorisation programmes and supporting the authorised users in integrating Developmental Inquiry into their practice.  

Anastasia works with developing capacity of individuals, institutions and systems, for managing in complex adaptive contexts. Her work is informed by the integral approaches and has a firm base in adult development psychology. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Anastasia carries out capacity development work in Russia, Ukraine and the European Union. She works as a consultant, trainer, coach, facilitator and a learning designer – most often in the domains of business, education, and socio-political governance. Anastasia works in English, Swedish and Russian.


Stephen Duns




Dr Stephen Duns

Stephen is the Director of Harthill Australasia and is an experienced executive, coach and consulting adviser. Stephen is an Adjunct Professor of Business Leadership at the Australian Graduate School of Leadership, Honorary Fellow of the School of Psychology at Deakin University and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. His experience includes several Chief Executive Officer and general management roles in small and very large organisations in Australia and the UK. He has been involved in consulting assignments in the fields of strategy, change management and leadership in the UK, Europe, USA and Australasia.  Stephen’s passion is supporting people and organisations through the evolution of their leadership practice.

He holds a Doctorate in Business Leadership, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Letters (Psychology) and Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy). 

Liz Straker



Liz Straker BA (Hons) MSc MCIPD

Liz is a highly motivated and experienced OD and leadership consultant with a background in the private and public sectors. She has a wide range of experience of leadership and management development at all levels, executive coaching, talent management, organisational change and psychotherapeutic counselling.

Recently, Liz has initiated and co-created an accredited coaching programme to upskill HR Managers, and developed and run development centres for high potentials and over her career has designed and delivered numerous leadership and management programmes including a leadership discovery programme with LBS, a leadership programme for new Captains in British Airways and a leadership programme for senior health care professionals in the NHS.  


Liz holds an MSc. in Organisational Psychology, a Diploma in Human Resource Management and is currently studying for an MSc. in Gestalt Psychotherapy and the ILM Certificate in Coaching. She is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. 


Passionate about the contribution of HR and development to a company’s bottom line, Liz enjoys working with individuals and groups to identify strengths and opportunities in order to maximise their performance and contribution. She is known for her direct and incisive style combined with empathy and warmth and a real desire to make a positive difference to the people she works with.

Suzan Stub

Denmark & USA


Suzan Stub

Suzan has been a psychologist for the past 18 years, working specifically as an international business psychologist for the last 14.  She has wide international client experience across sectors in large pan-European and Middle Eastern organisations. 


She challenges the status quo in organisations across the Middle East around purposeful driven business and innovative management, and supports the emergence of shared responsibility, development of transparency, dialogue and trust-based leadership practices.  Her approach leads to sustainable executive and organisational development that results in growth and business success.


Suzan is the founder and Managing Director of Leadership Dialogue International Dubai.  Her approach to executive coaching and development support is blended with feedback and advice resting on extensive experience and knowledge of OD, leadership and business psychology practices.

Esther-Mirjam De Boer



Esther-Mirjam de Boer BA MA Arch

Esther has 20 years of experience in supporting companies and entrepreneurs to develop strategy and how to make it work. She is also a leadership development consultant and became an Associate of Harthill in 2016.  She works with systemic, solution-oriented and reflective action learning approaches, which include personality and group dynamics.  Her experience includes working for and with corporates such as Swissair, Sabena, Qualiflyer Group Airlines, Airport Authorities, UBS, Migros, Nespresso, Höft & Wessel, Kardex.   Esther also teaches a reflective action learning course on strategy consulting at the University of St. Gallen and holds four non-executive board mandates in the building and creative industries.

She holds a BA in mathematics and sciences and an MA in architecture from the Technical University of Zurich, combined with a diploma in Economics and Management.   Esther was born in the Netherlands, grew up in Switzerland and has lived and worked in Germany and Belgium.  She is fluent in four languages: German, English, French and Dutch.

Marta Chicano

UK & Spain


Marta Chicano BA MSc MA

Marta is a senior leadership development coach and organisational development consultant since 2010.  Her career started as an engineer in Germany and then Spain. She then retrained in business management and took a leadership position in services. Years later she re-trained in Leadership Development at Ashridge Business School and at London School of Economics; and in Organisational Development at Tavistock Institute, Tavistock clinic, and The Whole Partnership (constellation work). 


She has been supporting individuals and global organisations in their leadership development, and has also consulted systems at a global level in various industries: oil and gas, insurance, heavy engineering, social media, marketing and PR, leisure, strategic management consultancies, construction, moonshots star-up, and ecommerce.  She is passionate about individual and systemic development in this VUCA world, mindful about the impact on the individual, the team, the organisation, the communities they serve, and the larger footprint they have in the world. She brings presence to what is emerging, to where the energy moves, and to what blocks it.


She speaks and works in English, Spanish and Catalan, and has worked in the past in German and French.

Carol Jefkins



Carol Jefkins  MSc CPsychol AssocCIPD

Carol is a Chartered Psychologist with 25 years’ experience in assessment and development consultancy. She helps clients to identify talent, develop potential and enhance the performance of individuals and teams.  Carol’s areas of expertise include job analysis and competency design, Assessment and Development Centres, executive assessment, appraisal and 360° feedback, development planning and coaching. She is also an experienced and successful designer and facilitator of leadership, management and team development programmes.


Her consulting experience in the UK and internationally covers a wide range of sectors including law, financial and professional services, telecommunications, media, pharmaceuticals, retail, hospitality and leisure, as well as central government and public sector agencies.  This extensive experience across contexts and cultures gives her a broad perspective on client issues. Carol balances best practice with pragmatism, developing creative solutions that fit with an organisation’s priorities and values. She is in her element drawing out insightful themes from in-depth analysis, both to craft bespoke frameworks and simulations and to help individuals recognise their own style, strengths and potential. 

Brigid Garvey

UK & Ireland


Brigid Garvey BSc (Hons) MSc

Brigid has a strong corporate background having focussed in the area of Talent Management and Organisation Development for the past 25 years. Most recently she worked in Rentokil Initial as their Group Talent Director and over a 10 year period was mainly responsible for the design and delivery of leadership programmes to improve business performance. Her particular focus and passion is about building personal capability and credibility in the leadership role. She believes that the quality of leaders and managers has a direct impact on the quality of working life, and importantly a major impact on all our communities. Central to her effectiveness is her ability to connect the development agenda with the business agenda so that leaders are better equipped in their broad capabilities to meet the challenges of our time. 


Whilst at Rentokil Initial Brigid led the work to develop a leadership framework with the Executive Team which was designed to help leaders and managers make a fundamental shift in how they led the business. The subsequent developmental approach emphasised the need to build strong ‘relational’ leadership in order to build a special workplace – and one that would consequently achieve great business performance.


Having initially studied Marketing and Organisational Behaviour at Lancaster University, she also has a Masters degree in Executive Coaching from Ashridge Business School and has placed a coaching philosophy at the heart of her approach.  She would describe her own ambitions as being firmly rooted in helping people to grow, to develop, and to connect more deeply both with themselves and each other so that we all thrive in our increasingly complex world.

Brian Woodall



Brian Woodall BA FCIPD

Brian is an experienced organisational development consultant with an excellent track record in consultancy, leadership, talent development and coaching since the mid 1980s with experience of leading and consulting in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.  He began his OD career when posted to Hendon Police College to develop facilitators and support culture change programmes in the light of the Scarman report into the race riots in the UK in the early 1980s.


Brian’s approach is underpinned by his belief that the primary function of leadership is in the development of strategy, culture, capacity and capability within an organisation in the service of its stakeholders. Core to this is how learning and value is co-created through personal and organizational transition.  His consulting work has included the design and development of bespoke change programmes and learning interventions from graduate induction to board level coaching and support.  Brian has extensive international experience having undertaken consulting assignments in the USA, Middle East, Africa and Russia. He is a Fellow of the CIPD and Professional Associate of the Gestalt International Study Centre.

Magali Simon



Magali Simon

Magali is an executive coach, who supports leaders to gain greater clarity and understanding about themselves, their relationships with others and their context; so they can live and lead with purpose. She believes what is needed now is more humanity, more meaningful connection with each other, and stronger self-awareness. Magali brings insights, generous care and joy in her work along with a strong business understanding, drawing upon her diverse experiences in Europe and Asia Pacific.  Working with individuals and teams, she designs and implements bespoke coaching and workshop interventions. 


Magali’s commitment to leadership development work happened while navigating the storms of change and complexity in the environment of a global corporate. She spent 15 years in executive positions at BASF. Having led business teams for some years, Magali’s talent and love for developing people brought her to spearhead the organisation’s learning and development ambitions in the Asia-Pacific region. Her passion for this work brought to fruition a region-wide initiative that integrated a coaching culture into leaders and their teams.  


She is a Leadership Consultant of Oxford Leadership and a member of The Coaching Fellowship, a non-profit organisation providing coaching to young women leaders in social impact.  Magali graduated from HHL, Leipzig Graduate School of Management and ESCI Business School, Paris, and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). Magali is authorised to use the Harthill Leadership Development Framework and is also trained in Organisation and Relationships Systems Coaching (ORSC). 

Rebecca Stevens



Rebecca Stevens BSc MBA MSc

Rebecca is an experienced psychologist, and organisational and leadership development coach and consultant.  In her early career she worked for five years as a psychologist and family therapist in mental health, forensic and drug and alcohol, and trauma in the UK and Australia.  More recently she has worked both in external consulting and in-house roles and has held several senior roles within blue chip global organisations across different industries.  She has also been a supervisor of other psychologists and coaches, supporting them with their own development for almost 25 years.  


Her qualifications include a Psychology BSc, MBA, Coaching and Behavioural Change, MSc and Coaching Supervision Certificate. 

Dorian Baroni

USA & Italy


Dorian Baroni  BA MBA

Dorian brings over 25 years of global experience as an executive, systemic change thought leader, leadership development consultant, and coach to her partnership with Harthill and Fujitsu GOLD.  Prior to her consulting career of the past seven years, she worked within Morgan Stanley, Procter & Gamble and BP.


Originally from Italy, she has lived and worked in the UK, the US, Continental Europe and Venezuela, and is a dual citizen of Italy and the US.  Dorian has worked in a range of business functions: Information System, Marketing, Strategy and Leadership Development/Talent.


One of her core passions is that a leader's individual journey towards wholeness is critical to addressing today's global challenges.  And as a business woman, she is also particularly passionate about the role and power of feminine leadership to support the evolution of global mindsets, social systems and models of economic impact.


She brings to her work engagements an ability to perceive the patterns of habitual thinking that are impeding progress, and then applying strong intellectual and empathic skills to develop and support the needed change momentum.  Her ability to appraise issues from multiple perspectives and a passion for learning and development benefit every project in which she has chosen to be engaged.


Dorian holds an MBA degree from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA and a BA in Cultural Anthropology from The College of William and Mary in Virginia.

Ruth Pickvance



Ruth Pickvance BA (Hons)

Having worked in international education in Singapore and the UK for over 25 years and latterly as Head of a large Faculty in Languages at Atlantic College, Ruth now brings her experience in language and linguistics to Harthill to work with developing the Leadership Development profile.


Ruth speaks Italian and lived between the UK and Italy for over 20 years. She has a BA (Hons) in English and Related Literature and is interested in the connection between language and cultural context.


A former international athlete she still enjoys a range of outdoor activities particularly mountaineering and walking. She also runs her own business connecting people with the restorative well-being that nature offers.

Ekaterina Novisova



Ekaterina Novisova BA (Hons) MA (Hons)

Ekaterina Novisova joined Harthill in 2017 when she co-organized our first authorisation programme in Russia, and has since been engaged in promoting Harthill's presence in the Russian-speaking world.

Ekaterina is committed to supporting individuals, professionals and companies in their ongoing development in a consistent and innovative way. She has designed and delivered numerous on-site, online, mobile and blended format L&D programmes for individuals, psychologists, coaches, L&D specialists, managers and top teams.  Ekaterina is also passionate about facilitating people, communities and systems to evolve and co-create a more sustainable future. With this mission in mind she is engaged in organisational consultancy and holds events on interdisciplinary dialogue with development practitioners and leaders from various backgrounds.  She has a wide range of experience in different industries, such as international business, public sector, academy, IT and AI development, professional and corporate learning, coaching and counselling.  


She holds a BA degree in Economics, an MSc in Linguistics and a Diploma in Psychotherapy, Counselling and Group Leadership. Ekaterina speaks and works in Russian, English and Chinese.

Stephen Wilson



Stephen Wilson  MA (Hons)

Stephen is an internationally experienced leadership consultant who has worked with senior executives across Europe since 1997. He works to help individual leaders and their teams come to a clear sense of purpose and so create meaning and effectiveness for themselves and others.


After graduation from Cambridge University, Stephen's career in development began in Executive Search & Selection. He has worked for HR consulting firm DBM where he was Senior Vice President Europe and the Hay Group where he worked with Board level clients in global businesses.


Stephen has worked with CEOs of FTSE 100 companies, Board Members of global corporations and Directors and Partners of media and professional services firms. He's married with two teenage daughters.

Robin Postel



Robin Postel  MEd PhD

Robin brings more than two decades of international experience as a process consultant, executive coach and leadership development designer and educator, with both private and public sector clients. She has been associated with Harthill since 2005. Her current focus is on helping leaders to step up the level and quality of thinking in their organisations, whether it be their own thinking (upgrading their cognitive operating system so to speak), or in the collective thinking that takes place through conversation as a core business process (upgrading the organisational culture operating system, to use the same metaphor).

Robin’s keen interest in thinking, language and transformative learning are grounded in a lifetime of learning including a BA in Linguistics, MEd in Curriculum, and a PhD in Learning and Change in Human Systems, a cutting edge multidisciplinary programme. She also invests in ongoing professional development in master’s level coaching, expressive arts-based learning, Gestalt, and a wide range of assessments and other tools, to stay abreast of emerging thinking in the field.

Hanne Lindblad



Hanne Lindblad MA

Hanne is an experienced senior executive who has worked with conscious and transformational leadership during the past 25 years in organisations such as Carlsberg, Coca-Cola and Telia Sonera.  In addition to working with Harthill Hanne works as a transformational speaker, strategic consultant and runs her own Work & Retreat space on the Danish island of Møn.

Her experience with adult development frameworks, tools and inquiry guides her current work where she is integrating different approaches in order to create the disturbance and curiosity needed  to ignite journeys towards becoming more proactive developmental organisations.


Hanne holds an MA in Business, Language and Culture, and is further educated at the Blue Ocean Institute at INSEAD, in Innovation, Strategy and Leadership. 

Jane Martin



Jane Martin MSc MBPSsS MNCS (Acc)

Jane first worked with Harthill in 2015, following the completion of her MSc research, which focused on understanding how leaders develop vertically towards more mature levels of leadership. She works passionately to support transformation in individuals, teams and organisations.

As a qualified psychologist and psychotherapist, Jane’s understanding of how we function as humans (individually and in relationships) enables her to deliver fresh insights to our clients and challenge them to think beyond the obvious.  She supports individuals in organisations to become more conscious leaders.


Jane’s passion is helping people shift from feeling like a cog in a wheel to a vital piece of a living, breathing organism. Her approach is to remember that we are people first and professional workers second and that people operate best when they feel part of a community, part of something meaningful that they can contribute to. 


Jane has a commercial background in pharmaceuticals and publishing. She holds degrees in Environmental Science and Psychology and an MSc in Organisational Consulting. She is a qualified psychotherapist and coach.

Matthew Hancocks



Matthew Hancocks BSc

Matthew has worked with Harthill since 2004.  He specialises in helping senior leaders establish timely, breakthrough strategies.  Matthew leads the strategic thinking process that identifies the defining issues facing the company, develops a mission and strategy for those key issues, and builds the leadership and management structures to execute and adapt the strategy as events unfold.  Harthill’s Leadership Development Framework is fundamental to the development of this strategic thinking amongst executives.

His work has led him to support performance and cultural transformations in large corporations that include RSA, Syngenta, SSE and, most recently, Impellam Group.


His personal passion is for developing the kinds of strategic thinking that supports greater freedom, deeper value and economic effectiveness.  He holds a first-class degree in Psychology and Zoology and will submit his PhD in agile strategic management during 2016. 

Douglas O'Loughlin



Douglas O'Loughlin MBA PhD

Douglas has a PhD in Organisation Development and an MBA with a Finance specialisation. His PhD. research was on how the frameworks and tools of Adult Developmental Psychology, specifically Action/Leadership Logics and Action Inquiry, can impact Leadership and OD.

Originally from the US, he has lived in Singapore since 1993, and has consulted and facilitated in more than 20 countries, partnering with a wide range of organisations in corporate, government, education and social change sectors. He has also lectured in numerous management subjects and is currently lecturing in the Masters in Organisation Development at Assumption University in Bangkok.


He is the author of numerous articles and the book 'Facilitating Transformation: 12 Strategies for Creating Extraordinary Breakthroughs with Groups’ and enjoys running, basketball, and yoga.

Mark McMordie



Mark McMordie PCC ICF Dip Advanced Executive Coaching MSc BA (Hons)

Mark is an experienced consultant, executive coach and top team facilitator. He works with CEOs and leaders to build innovative, high growth organisations and helps them develop the inner and outer capacities required for more inclusive, inquiry based leadership and organisational transformation. He brings over 25 years corporate experience in Leadership and Organisation Development and his work spans a wide range of sectors including financial services, retail, telecoms, technology, media, housing, engineering, manufacturing, oil & gas, and energy.

Mark is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and co-author of Mindfulness for Coaches: An Experiential Guide (Routledge 2017). He teaches on the MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change at Henley Business School and following articles in Coaching at Work, has presented globally for the ICF and Association for Coaching on Mindfulness, Psychological Safety & Innovation. As well as delivering neuroscience based emotional intelligence training to increase focus, resilience, self-awareness, self-management and empathic connection, Mark’s work with top teams also draws on insights from Harvard’s Amy Edmondson and Google’s Project Aristotle to build psychologically safe, high performing teams.

Kim Frerichs



Kim Frerichs

Kim completed a Bachelors degree in Psychology, Masters work in Education and is certified through the International Coach Federation. She has also studied with the Integral Institute and is completing certification in Integral Assessment through the Leadership Institute of Seattle.

Kim began coaching in 1995 and brings to her work over 12 years in management in aerospace. She has a strong background in leadership and career development, working to align the needs, achievements and growth of individuals and organisations. Kim primarily works with people whose commitment is to move beyond their current horizon and capabilities. Her clients say she helps them identify strengths as well as shortcomings in ways that are meaningful and transforming.

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